Which State Will Launch Online Sports Betting Next?

Still, we’re only in the youthful stages of online gambling entering US households via desktops and mobile devices, so there’s still a long way to go. There’s a chance that news might arise regarding one of the proposed Missouri gambling bills, but we wouldn’t bet on it. The legalization of sports betting in Massachusetts shouldn’t be too far from becoming a reality as lawmakers succeeded in their efforts to get a crucial bill some traction moving forward. Imagine tumbleweed rustling through the streets upon the mere mention of online gambling, and you’ll have an idea of what state lawmakers in Idaho think. We expect doors to open relatively soon, but it might well be a few years before sports betting becomes a mainstream form of entertainment in the state. Unlike some other states, the only restriction is on high school sports.

Since 2018, New Mexico has opened doors to five casinos, but none of these provides online sports betting services. Having legalized retail sports betting following the demise of PASPA, the state has added a number of sportsbooks to its roster. It gave US gamblers a way to sidestep the entire brick and mortar sportsbook system by betting online and it paved the way for what would become a multi-billion-dollar global industry. While the history of online sports betting in the US technically didn’t begin until the advent of the internet and online sportsbooks, the factors that set the stage for it began more than 150 years ago. Although sports betting is now legal in many states, far fewer have realistically set up provisions or given out licenses to authorize sports betting online and mobile sportsbooks, but more are on the way.

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However, we haven’t seen the same determination from anybody with the power to create change in terms of online casinos or online poker sites being passed as legal. Until that happens, expect online sports betting to be the only one of the Big Three that’s allowed in Virginia. Envied for its wide selection of online gambling services, New Jersey covers the “Big Three” in terms of online gambling, with online poker, online sports betting, and online casino betting legal in the state. Accumulating hundreds of millions of dollars through its online gambling and in-house gambling rooms, New Jersey boasts arguably the best gambling experience for players. While online gambling games are more widely available in the US than ever before, some states are reluctant to liberalize their gaming laws.

In Nevada, which is famous as a haven for gambling, it is legal to gamble almost anywhere in the state. Most other states fall somewhere in between, for example only allowing gambling at licensed casinos. Note that online fantasy sports leagues, including daily fantasy sports platforms, are exempt from the 2006 Act.

From that moment, some US states have used the opportunity to launch a regulated online gambling market. However, it was all impossible until the amendment of the Wire Act of 1961 in 2011. The DOJ issued an opinion stating that the Act only referred to sports betting but not other online gambling forms. This moment opened the doors to the entire world of possibilities only legalized online gaming could bring. A handful of Pennsylvania’s land-based casinos already have their online casinos up and running. Plus, online sportsbooks are live and players have the choice to place bets in person or via the internet.


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